Chef Gonçalo Carvalheiro

Naturally curious, Gonçalo was always moved by knowledge and the desire to lear. Culinary, education and music are the dimensions of his life that complement each other.
Gonçalo studied Educational Sciences at the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences in Coimbra, worked for several years as a Vocational Coordinator in training companies and educational institutions, but the time spent behind the desk was the trigger that gave him the strength he needed to change.

When he decided to study Culinary Arts, the goal was clear: to join the two areas, Cooking and Training. His great vocation is to teach, but for this he needed a more solid and consistent technical knowledge. While studying, he worked at several restaurants in Lisbon, and interned at the Ritz Four Seasons Hotel.
After attending school, he devoted himself exclusively to train Cooking and Pastry classes, collaborating since then as a trainer with public and private institutions on a wide range of formal and informal training.