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We love food, and believe that we can use it to create and experience unforgettable moments.
That’s why in 2017 we opened the Lisbon Cooking Academy, a school where everybody can learn and share their food experiences, always in a casual and relaxed atmosphere.
We love to have guests from all over the world to share with them the best of Portugal’s rich and diverse gastronomy.

So we believe that experiences exchange and learnings are one of the best ways of learning!
That’s why we regularly receive Chefs from other projects for collaborations with Lisbon Cooking Academy!

Professionals & Passionate

The Team

Chef Marina Serpa

“In love with cooking from an early age, I learned from my grandmother to take my first steps in the area, with typical dishes and classic techniques, from the north to the south of the country. When Ana Viçoso, a former teacher, invited me to be part of the Academy, I didn’t hesitate – uniting the passion for cooking with the direct contact with customers, developing and sharing experiences, and working with a team with the same vision? The niche was found within the area, and here I am very happy!“

Chef Ana Martins

“I find it funny when most of my professional colleagues say that they have been cooking since they were young and that they started very early between pots and pans. I didn’t and I feel like I started at the right time! I’ve always enjoyed being the ‘cook’ for my friends, but nothing very classy, ​​even with good reviews from them. That’s where I express myself between flavor and creativity and I found the opportunity to be with people who are different from each other at the academy and from whom I absorb and share knowledge, arriving home with a full heart! I am passionate about food design and I confess that in my opinion even a simple pork sandwich can be served in an almost artistic way.”

Chef Ana Viçoso

“I’m passionate about cooking and training! Only near the 30 years old I did had the courage to risk everything and throw myself headlong into the kitchen world. I do not regret it 1 min! I have already participated in amazing projects and I continue to learn every day! Now I’m fully dedicated with all my heart to a dream come true, the Lisbon Cooking Academy”

Rita Jorge

“Born in Mozambique and raised in Oporto, I arrived in Lisbon 10 years ago in pursuit of a dream of working in the field of Gastronomy. After my master’s degree in Gastronomic Sciences, I took a Culinary Arts course, where I met Ana Viçoso and a great friendship was born. Now, I accepted Ana’s challenge to join the Lisbon Cooking Academy team and I couldn’t be happier! I’m the one who receives your contacts and organizes all activities with our team of Chefs but I’m always ready to put on my chef jacket!”