Food lovers

We love food, and believe that we can use it to create and experience unforgettable moments.
That’s why in 2017 we opened the Lisbon Cooking Academy, a school where everybody can learn and share their food experiences, always in a casual and relaxed atmosphere.
We love to have guests from all over the world to share with them the best of Portugal’s rich and diverse gastronomy.

Professionals & Passionate

The Team

Chef Ana Viçoso

“I’m passionate about cooking and training! Only near the 30 years old I did had the courage to risk everything and throw myself headlong into the kitchen world. I do not regret it 1 min! I have already participated in amazing projects and I continue to learn every day! Now I’m fully dedicated with all my heart to a dream come true, the Lisbon Cooking Academy”

Chef Rita Barbosa

“Sugar and chocolate are my best friends! After taking a degree in theater in which, during my free time, I went to the movies or was at home making cakes and sweets, I decided to take a cooking course. This course opened the door to the restaurant world where I had the opportunity to experience several areas.
I like to exchange cultures, recipes and secrets and in this need to reconnect the kitchen to people, I decided to accept the challenge of the Lisbon Cooking Academy.”